Founding School Leader

Founding School Leader Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Founding School Leader to join our team.


  • Collaborate with fellow School Leaders in the network to continuously develop and improve the Nova education model across schools;
  • Lead key school rituals as needed to model and ingrain culture;
  • Quickly identify and respond to classroom/school culture or behavior issues;
  • Set and model a consistent tone of highest expectations, joy, and growth mindset among staff and students alike;
  • Plan and lead school staff meetings and short and long term professional development experience;
  • Act as an effective leader and ambassador for the organization;
  • Develop and strengthen partnerships with other schools and organizations to provide enriching academic and extracurricular opportunities for students;
  • Craft and action a yearly strategic plan;
  • Have a strong understanding and be able to coach on inquiry based instructional models;
  • Drive the development of an exceptional leadership and teaching teams including through coaching, observation and feedback;
  • Understand how to lead through data driven instruction and drive professional development through data driven instruction;
  • Partner with parents and other key community stakeholders to build the Nova Pioneer brand;
  • Articulate a compelling short- and long-term vision for the development of the school’s culture and student program;
  • Work in partnership with the functional teams to manage the operations and budget of the school.


  • You have an exceptional ability to think strategically and yet you sweat the small stuff—people see you as unusually detail-oriented and conscientious;
  • A BEd degree or a recognised 4 year teaching qualification;
  • You are a strong community leader , with the ‘head and heart’ to foster a caring community;
  • You have a desire to further develop your leadership skills and apply them to transform the lives of African youth.