Associate Manager, Post-School Success

Associate Manager, Post-School Success Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Associate Manager, Post-School Success to join our team.


  • Writing and/or editing effective letters of recommendation for university and employment opportunities;
  • Helping Grade 12 and 13 students to identify relevant financial assistance options that will ensure they can pursue their goals;
  • Supporting Grade 12 and 13 students as they navigate the university application process;
  • Encouraging all students to build academic and extracurricular profiles that will maximise their access to best-fit post-secondary opportunities;
  • Representing Nova Pioneer Ormonde at meetings, conferences, or other networking events as needed;
  • Overseeing provision of SAT and/or NBT standardized test prep classes;
  • Delivering relevant on-campus trainings for secondary school students as well as teachers and parents supporting students’ engagement.


  • Experience with coaching/mentoring and facilitation;
  • Experience providing students with life, career, and/or university guidance;
  • Experience working with EdAdmin (desired but not required);
  • An understanding of the Cambridge International curricula;
  • Comfort with the Google Suite or Microsoft Office;
  • SACE registered (desired but not required);
  • An understanding of the South African tertiary education ecosystem (understanding of international universities would be a bonus);
  • Experience working with youth or in a school-based environment (primary or secondary);
  • Bachelor’s degree (preferably in humanities, social sciences, or Education).